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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Can I purchase food?

    • As a way to provide guidance and clarify instances where food may be purchased for consumption by students, potential students, volunteers, participants, guests, and employees not on travel status or otherwise eligible for payment of meals or other food using institutional funds, CSU strictly adheres to the Board of Regents USG Business Procedures Manual (BPM). In accordance with the Board of Regents USG Business Procedures Manual (BPM), sections 19.7 and 19.8 which may be accessed via   Nothing in these guidelines shall be construed as requiring a school or department to provide food to employees for events or to reimburse employees for participation in events.
  • Can I apply for an individual, job related membership?

    • Columbus State University may pay institutional memberships and dues in professional associations provided that they are in the name of the University. Memberships in the name of an "individual" cannot be paid or reimbursed from any fund source unless one of the following circumstances applies:

1. Job Requirement: The membership is necessary to fulfill the requirements of a job. Justification detailing the necessity of the membership. Requirements of this membership should be documented in the current job description of the individual requesting payment. Validation of the aforementioned statement must be included as an attachment in ePro before a purchase order can be dispatched.

2. If the membership cost is less than the savings realized for a non-member conference/symposium registration.

3. After legal review and if deemed as an appropriate cost saving measure by the VPBF Office an individual membership may be allowed.

Per CSU P-Card Policy and Procedures, Memberships can not be paid using a State of Georgia issued P-Card