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Purchasing Forms


  • Supplier Complaint Form

    • Please follow the directions on the Supplier Complaint Form
    • The Supplier Complaint Form is used to provide the CSU Purchasing Department with a written end user complaint of Supplier performance
    • Please follow the directions on the Purchase Request Form
    • The Paper Copy of the Purchase Request Form is only for use by departments that are not on Epro.
  • Purchase Change Order Request Form

    • This form is used to make a change on a dispatched purchase order
    • The Purchase Change Order Request Form must be preapproved by the correct chain of command before a change will be made
  • E-Verify Form

    • Effective July 1, 2013, an E-Verify affidavit is required:
      • When a public entity makes a purchase that includes services or labor, and
      • The total amount of a purchase exceeds $2,499.99.
    • For the purposes of determining whether or not something is a good or a service, use this rule as a simple distinction: a good is tangible and a service is intangible. 
    • E-Verify rules apply to ALL purchases
    • E-Verify forms must be received by the CSU Purchasing Office before Supplier Services are performed and paid
  • Georgia Tax Exempt Form

    • The Georgia Tax Exempt Form shall only be used for the procurement of CSU required commodities (Contact CSU Purchasing Office)
  • Sole Source Form

      • A Sole Source (SS) exists when only one vendor can provide a good or a service. A supplier may be the only source for a good or service when:
      • The supplier is the only manufacturer-authorized supplier of a service, AND using a different supplier would have adverse consequences. For example, service by a non-authorized supplier would void a warranty on a piece of CSU owned equipment
      • The vendor has proprietary rights to sell a good or service
      • Unfavorable affect: Due to extenuating circumstances, using a different supplier would have significant adverse effects on CSU
      • The supplier has unique capabilities or technical expertise that no other supplier has
      • CSU already has purchased the good or service.
      • CSU needs the good or service before the end of the required competitive solicitation process
      • CSU has used the vendor in the past and are satisfied with their products or services
    • Approval of Sole Source
      • If approved by the CSU Purchasing Office, the Purchasing Officer will post the SS to the Georgia Procurement Registry for five business days as required by State of GA law. If other suppliers are capable of providing the same good or service, they may protest the SS to the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS). If DOAS supports the protest, the good or service may have to be competitively bid. The Purchasing Officer will notify you when the posting has closed and tell you if any protests have been received. If your SS request is for a service, the Purchasing Officer also will ask you for a contract, E-verify form, and proof of insurance coverage.
  • W-9

    • Form must be filled out by all new suppliers or suppliers that are in need of updating their business information.
  • Open Records Request Form

    • The Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. §50-18-70 et seq.) is a state statute that applies to all departments and individuals within Columbus State University. The Act requires that public records be open and available for inspection by a requesting party within a reasonable amount of time after the receipt of the request, unless the records are those exempted by law from disclosure (e.g., medical records, student educational records)
    • The Act also requires an initial response within three (3) business days to all Open Records Act requests received by a university official (faculty, staff or administrator)
    • All responses submitted by any requester will be answered in a timely manner by the CSU Office of General Counsel

If you have additional questions concerning any form, please do not hesitate to contact the CSU Purchasing Department